Jarrah, 50 x 80 cm

This work was shown as part of a solo exhibition held at at Rockingham Art Centre in 2023.

Drawing on personal experiences of walking and canoeing in natural environments both here and in Aotearoa, this work is an expression of the life force that is within plant and animal life, both on land and in the ocean. The works show the cycle of life and death as the plant or animal is in stages of growth and decay.

The ‘Koru’ or unfurled shoot of a fern, a Maori carving symbol and organic shapes from land and sea have been used throughout this body of work. The sculptures are created using recycled timber from Western Australian trees. Several are carved from the heart wood of an old growth Jarrah tree that was removed from Sawyers Valley. Whilst honouring the materials of these once-living trees, this work aims to challenge our understanding of our changing climate.